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Youth Exchange "Happiness"

NORA Association to recruit eight young people from our town Bartoszyce for youth exchange "Happiness" in the Netherlands.

2016. 5. February

Reportage about "NORA" in Polish TV

In 02.02.2016 on Polish public TV called TVP2 people could see reportage bout our Association NORA in Magazine Express Reporters
Reportage "NORA" made by Dominic Piechowicz

Reportage " Nora "It's about a group of friends and associates, who together make up an unusual place, Nora, center for the education and integration of young people.
The resort is situated in Bartoszyce, its headquarters is the basement. For the purposes of the association youth instructors adapted several rooms. There, they arranged a recording studio, a room for training fire dance, the dance hall to learn to dance hip-hop. "
Have a look reportage:

2016. 5. February

Call for participants for youth exchange in Romania

Launch of recruitment for the first exchange in the new year!

2016. 5. February

Final of the project "Art, Culture and dance as a tool education"

From 05.01.2015 to 30.11.2015 Association of NORA, fulfill the project called "Art, Culture and dance as a tool education" project involved organizing international exchange, which took place from 31.07 - 08.082015 years in Rodowo.

2016. 5. February