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Daniel Ziemacki


Projects coordinator, a specialist in the field of implementation and preparation of grant projects, social economy, entrepreneurship, diagnosis needs of project and management of human resources . Graduate School of Social Animators and Advisors. Instructor, manager dance with fire.


Małgorzata Sanajko 


Graduate of the University of Warmia and Mazury on specialization Pedagogy school of cultural animation (bachelor) and Pedagogy of school education to entrepreneurship (master). Coordinator and initiator of youth projects. She finished School of Social Animators. Instructor dance with fire and coordinator of the Volunteer Center. She is responsible for visual identyfication in organization.


Dawid Liedtke


Student Pedagogy at the School of Safety. Instructor, choreographer modern dancer and dance with fire. Graduate School of Social Animtorów. Coordinator of local initiatives.